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    Topic 1: The Use of AI-based Financial Technology for the Development of the Corporate Sector of the UK.
    Research Aim: The AI-based Financial Technology Systems has revolutionised the Standard Operational Practices of the cooperate industry, particularly in the UK's IT and banking sectors. This research aims to investigate the development of Financial Technology through the use of artificial intelligence in the IT and banking sectors of the UK.
    Topics 2: The Use of Information Modelling for the Development of Business Processes - A Case Study of Building Information Modelling (BIM).
    Research Aim: The advancement of real-time data based technology has been implemented across various industries around the world. This particular research focuses on the use of BIM, which is increasingly being used in the construction sector of the UK.
    The study aims to investigate the advantages as well the challenges in the application of real-time Information modelling based systems for the practitioners of the industry and evaluate how the systems can be further improved to facilitate the local industries.
    Topic 3: Do Companies Benefit from Improved Financial Results with Effective i) CRM and ii) Business Information Based Applications and Technology?
    Research Aim: The study’s objective is to explore what is customer relationship management and how to better utilize computing and information system-based technologies. The study seeks to examine how the system has gone into the customer-centred world and allowed the organizations to concentrate on current issues, instead of reaching and attempting tech on a strategic vision.
    Topic 4: Analysing the Impact of US withdrawal from Afghanistan on the Financial Regional Growth of Central Asia - Focus on Regionalism and Geopolitics between the US, China and Russia.
    Research Aim: The primary aim of this dissertation topic is to analyse the impact of US withdrawal from Afghanistan on the Economic Growth of Central Asia - The primary focus of this research will be on regionalism and geopolitics between the US, China and Russia.
    Topic 5: Analysing the Potential Implication of Quality Mental Health Support Apps with a Focus on the After-effects of Recent Lockdowns and the Consequent Economic Crisis.
    Research Aim: Various recent research papers and articles have suggested that the quality of social and mental health is being compromised particularly due to the recent lock downs and consequent economic challenges.
    This study aims to analyse if quality mental health apps could be utilised to enhance the mental health of such individuals by providing a social platform where they can commune, learn and improve their mental health.
    Topic 6: Evaluating the Impact of Modern Marketing Techniques in the Development of New Multi-National Businesses and Entrepreneurs.
    Research Aim: The aim of this research is to explore factors that contributed to the development of new leading businesses and entrepreneurs through the use of modern digital marketing techniques.
    Topic 7: A Review of Risk Management Processes For Insurance Companies - A Case of Zimbabwe.
    Research Aim: The Insurance industry uses various methods of risk-based analyses and underwriting programs, however, the quantitative effectiveness/productivity of these methods remain unknown to the academic industry.
    This research aims to investigate and quantitatively analyse the effectiveness of these methods and programs and recommend pointers that that can be used to optimise the insurance risk management systems.
    Topic 8: Unemployment in Greece - A Review of Hypothesis, Facts and Recommendations.
    Research Aim: Greece has been reported to have one of the highest unemployment rates of EU states. This research aims to;
    - Review the history of the unemployment rates (which essentially peaked during the 2008 Financial Crisis as well as the European Debt Crisis; secondary data-based review)
    - Review Academic Hypothesis on the issue (academic literature) and gain the point of view of industrial practitioners (though a questionnaire; primary data-based).
    - Outline critical findings of the study
    - Recommend economic models for the major industries of the country that can be adopted to address the issue in the next few years.
    Topic 9: Fashion Industry and The Movement Towards Greater Ecological & Social Integrity.
    Research Aim:: The primary aim of the study is to review the potential of the modern fashion industry in influencing the words towards greater ecological integrity and social justice. The research aims to utilize primary data (via questionnaire) from the practitioners of the fashion industry. Questions related to modern fashion products, fashion designs, trend-makers, and fashion systems will be included in the study.
    Topic 10: Analysing the Role of Psychology in Crime Scene Investigation - A Case Study.
    Research Aim: The primary aim of this paper is to review and analyse the relationship between psychology and crime scene investigations, and find out Psychological expertise can be used in expediting justice.
    Topic 11: The Role of Psychology in Successful Application of Green Human Resource Management Techniques - A Case Study.
    Research Aim: The primary aim of this study is to analyse the role of human resource management in the development of ecologically viable systems for an organisation, economics and society at large - which is more recently been recognised as green human resource management (GHRM).
    This study aims to explore the role of psychology (mindset) and the role it can play in the successful application of GHRM practices.
    Topic 12: he Role of Unstructured Play in Child Development - A Case Study of Conscious Childhood Education.
    Research Aim: The primary aim of this study is to explore the role of unstructured play in child development. Unstructured play also referred to as free play often allows children the freedom to explore, create and discover without predetermined rules.
    This study aims to explore how this particular aspect in Childhood Education can foster cognitive, physical, social and emotional development in children and how this can be consciously applied in our modern education systems.
    Topic 13: BIM Security: Exploring the Application of BIM in the Security of Premises using the 'Cybersecurity Facilitating Technologies' such as Distributed database Technology and Encryption Protocols.
    Research Aim: The primary aim of the study is to explore if BIM can be integrated with the existing security technology, protocols, and databases to optimise the security of sensitive buildings such as high-profile corporate offices, prisons and power plants.
    Topic 14: Analysing the Role of Marketing in Accelerating Consumer Adoption of Plant-Based Meat - A Case Study of the UK.
    Research Aim: The primary aim of this study is to explore product development and marketing strategies for the plant-based meat sector. The study further aims to provide key pointers to identify applicable/viable strategies to promote consumer adoption of platy-based meat.
    Topic 15: Analysing the Role of Effective Tourism Management Techniques - The Case of Metro Manila Philippines.
    Research Aim: The primary aim of the study is to explore the impact of COVID-19 on the Philippine Tourism Industry and present effective tourism techniques that can be used to revive the tourism industry of the Philippines.
    Topic 16: The Role of Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain in Enabling Fashion Companies to Adopt Sustainable End-to-End Retail Models.
    Research Aim: The primary aim of this study is to analyse the role of artificial intelligence (AI) and Blockchain in enabling Fashion companies to adopt sustainable end-to-end retail models.
    Topic 17: Analysing the Impact and Function of Quality Internal Auditing System on Corporate Governance - A Case Study.
    Research Aim: A quality internal audit function can play a vital role in supporting a sound corporate governance system. This study aims to explore the key aspects of a sound internal auditing system that supports corporate governance in the private sector of Mauritius. T
    The researcher aims to conduct a primary data-based study where data will be completed from both the available literature sources and the practitioners of the industry via the use of a questionnaire.
    Topic 18: Analysing the Application of Modern Risk Management Principles & Practices in Planning an Internal Audit Engagement in the Private Sector.
    Research Aim: The primary aim of this study is to analyse the application of modern risk management principles and practices in planning an internal audit engagement in the private sector.
    Topic 19: Analysing the Relationship Between Postnatal Depression and Technology.
    Research Aim: The cases of Postnatal Depression have been rising in our societies over the last many years and it is now been considered to be the primary cause of various health issues.
    This research aims to analyse how the use of digital technology, which is connecting more and more people across the globe, can be used to address the ever-increasing influence of Postnatal depression in the United Kingdom.
    Research Problem:
    Technology is being used to enhance every aspect of modern life. Similarly, technological developments have recently been integrated with education in neurology, neuroscience, brain function and chemistry, cellular biology, memory formation, and ageing and longevity.
    However, there is not much information related to how technological advancements, particularly concerning the access of valuable information in addressing Postnatal Depression, can be used to facilitate masses that are going through this problem.
    The possibilities include the development of platforms such as Virtual Reality and recoded Therapy Sessions, Meditation Techniques and Lectures etc. This research will collect primary data from the practitioners of the industry in order to explore the opportunity and present recommendations accordingly.
    Topic 20: An Investigation of the Motives and Practice of Architectural Collection and Exhibition During the 19th Century in London.
    Research Aim: The primary aim of this research is to examine the history, theory and practice of collecting and exhibiting architecture as a context from which cultural resource management guidelines for the interpretation of architectural fragment collections are generated in the region of London.

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    It is important to note that selecting an appropriate topic for your dissertation paper is the most important aspect of your academic career. Your final degree score depends greatly on the topic title you choose for your dissertation. Therefore, before finalising dissertation research topics, various important aspects must be carefully considered, including;

    Review the Importance of the topic

    Are there other good dissertation topics that can be used for the dissertation?

    Are there other similar topic titles for the dissertation that can be considered for the module?

    Thus, the selection of a good dissertation title is extremely important

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    Key things to remember;

    • Never copy content from any online source, as it will be considered plagiarism by your supervisor! 
    • Another important aspect is to review how quality researchers draft thesis writing topics.
    • Keep in mind that you will be required to format the title in a similar (formal) way.
    • Moreover, know that you will need to work on a title that is made for you, inspires you, adds research value and can be managed easily while working on your dissertation paper.

    Nevertheless, if you require help, just let us know, and we will assist you with dissertation proposal ideas.

    Step-By-Step Guidelines for Writing a Dissertation Title

    The following information presents a brief guide on how to write an effective dissertation title.

    1. Write down at least five subject interests that inspire you.
    2. Think about research areas that you would love to work on, any examples of dissertation topics and ideas for dissertation topics.

    For instance, you might be studying human resource management, and you have always wondered how a particular method of communication can work better than others, and you would love to explore more about it. Or you might be interested in a sustainable environment and would like to explore how technological advancement can further improve the project management processes.

    1. Now, write down all your research-related interests at this stage!
    2. The next step is to Google the keywords from the ideas you have shortlisted and briefly review all the literature sources that appear on top search engine results.
    3. Also, you can write the keywords of your academic subject, add dissertation topics 2023 and proceed to search.
    4. You may also add (copy and paste) the titles/literature/sentence that you find the most interesting under each of the shortlisted research areas you have drafted.
    5. Do this for all 5+ interests you have added and save the draft, preferably as a word document, to create a list of proposal topics.
    6. Next, read the topic proposal ideas from the file you have drafted and edit it as best as you can. Simply mature the draft at this stage and then take a break!

    And now, go and get a coffee or nap. You have done well so far and deserve the peace of mind!

    Following that comes the most important element in drafting the title, which is CREATIVITY!

    The Distinctive Role of Creativity in Dissertation

    History reveals that creative minds have revolutionized the world in technology or academic research. So, make creativity and imagination your best friend in life. When you gear up your creative mode, you automatically start exploring aspects such as the following;

    • Which of the shortlisted ideas looks most inspiring to me?
    • How can I make my title more creative and attractive?
    • How can I make my title trendier, so it focuses on modern-day challenges?
    • Would I like to work on something that can make a difference in today’s world?
    • Can I add value to the current research? Can I extend on research completed by another peer?
    • Are there any other similar MSC dissertation topics that I can find?
    • Can I work on something that can help people or other researchers and students?
    • Can I draft a title that inspires the supervisor, so I can potentially be considered for a future research grant or funding?
    • Can I complete the full dissertation on this topic title, including the introduction, literature review, methodology, results and findings and conclusion sections?
    • How difficult would it be to collect the required data resources?
    • Have I thoroughly reviewed the related reference resources or literature sources on this topic title?
    • What would be the outcome of this research?

    Once you start asking these questions, more and more creative ideas will start coming into your mind, which is the magic of creative thinking!

    If all your answers come out positive, then you can proceed to the next step: select the topic title for the dissertation along with the research aim and prepare to present it to your supervisor.

    Note: you can present more than one topic title to your supervisor, and they can further help you in selecting the final one!

    Once this is done, you can discuss your dissertation prospects with your supervisor. Let them know of your plans and take advice. Write down questions they ask you and figure out the solutions. Also, be very clear before you start writing your dissertation proposal.

    We hope all these aspects will help get your dissertation topic title approved! If you still have questions, drop us an email, and our writers will immediately assist you! 

    What Happens After You have Finalised the Dissertation Title?

    Following the selection of an impressive dissertation topic title, the next stage is to write a comprehensive topic outline that presents an in-depth view of your dissertation proposal.

    Before writing a full dissertation or thesis paper on the proposed dissertation subject, it is important to draft a brief outline of the proposed topic and request the supervisor to review it and make amendments if needed.

    • Making a dissertation proposal outline is a plan of action that gives you a brief overview of your research work.

    This process will ensure that you are on the right track and can proceed with writing the full dissertation paper. However, if you are unsure or confused about how to draft a dissertation proposal on the selected topic, you can drop us a WhatsApp Message, and we will help you get your work done per your requirements.

    Good luck!

    What Does a Dissertation Topic Outline Include?

    A Dissertation topic outline (dissertation proposal) includes the following sections;

    • A Topic Title
    • Research Aims & Objectives
    • Research Gap
    • Research Methodology
    • Expected Results
    • Gantt Chart
    • List of Important References

    The Importance of Consultancy

    There is no denying the fact that every successful journey needs right direction to follow. As far as the direction is concerned, the role of consultancy becomes inevitable.

    In short, it is extremely important to consult an experienced academic professional before finalising your dissertation title and proceed toward writing a complete proposal. An academic mentor or guidance expert points out your flaws and corrects you wherever you’re going wrong.

    In fact, every student needs proper guidance throughout their academic life to ensure bright future!

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    To help you guide through this process, our team of writers has developed the latest comprehensive dissertation topics list to provide you with premier dissertation ideas.

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    No, it won't. We help students all around the world to get started with their dissertation papers and it is not considered plagiarism.
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