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If you are a student and you are looking for a free dissertation plagiarism checker online, then you are at the right place.

We are providing a free dissertation plagiarism checker service to all students!

Whether you need to check dissertation plagiarism by percentage, essay plagiarism, report plagiarism or an assignment plagiarism, you only need to upload the file and get an original Turnitin report within a few hours!

Please note that your data file or document will not be saved by any online database, so you can feel comfortable while using this service.

In case you would like us to help reduce the plagiarism of your work, please get in touch with us and our representative will respond to you instantly!

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    At Premier Dissertations, we are always ready to help you edit and proofread your documents so you can get the best results.

    We have an excellent team of professional editors and writers equipped with the ability to spot, remove, and correct any plagiarism or errors in your thesis, dissertation, or report.

    Note: we are providing a free thesis plagiarism checker service to all students so they can review the copied content and improve their academic work.

    Our UK-based editors and writers will skillfully eliminate grammatical, syntax, and plagiarism-related errors to make your writing- a piece of perfection.

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    We will help you draft a quality, Plagiarism-Free Paper!

    Drafting an exceptional plagiarism-free essay, dissertation, or any research report is a difficult process and ultimately requires critical thinking.

    Rephrasing or rewriting an already written report or a dissertation can prove to be even more challenging.

    The above free plagiarism essay checker for students will assist you in finding out if any duplication exists in your dissertation, essay, or coursework.

    The plagiarism report, which will be shared with you over email, can certainly assist you in reducing the plagiarised content from your paper.

    You can use our free thesis plagiarism checker multiple times, as it can assist you in drafting a plagiarism-free paper.

    However, please don't be anxious if you find it challenging or even impossible to reduce dissertation plagiarism to an acceptable limit, which is less than 20%.

    Our writer can assist you with editing, improvement, and re-writing of the dissertation, essay, or coursework so you get the grades you desire.

    P.S. Our free plagiarism checker online for students is a limited-time service.

    Why choose our UK-based free plagiarism checker for students?

    Our dedicated team of professional writers is always ready to help you in addressing the plagiarism-related issues in your work and deliver exceptional essays, assignments, coursework, and dissertations.

    Our plagiarism detector has multiple benefits to assist you in drafting a plagiarism-free paper.

    So if you are looking to check your dissertation for plagiarism or check thesis plagiarism, then you can use this free dissertation checker service for students.

    Note: Our Turnitin plagiarism checker free service is only valid for a limited time.

    Some salient features of our plagiarism checker for UK students

    1. It is free! Yes, our highly advanced tool is free. There is no limit to how many times you can use it to check the plagiarism.
    2. It will generate a sequential report enlisting all the plagiarised sources in descending order of the plagiarised content. The report will be submitted within 24 hours.
    3. It is ad-free. Neither advertisements nor pop-ups will interrupt your work.
    4. It will tell you which sentence is copied by highlighting it with the color code of the source.
    5. Check the Plagiarism Report Sample for more details.

    Use our Best Free Dissertation Plagiarism Checker for student service

    Supervisors, instructors, and teachers do not like plagiarism, as it is considered an act of theft.

    Your papers, assignments, essays, and dissertations can get rejected by supervisors and professors due to plagiarism.

    To save yourself from the trouble, let us help you get your documents checked from advanced plagiarism-checking software, which provides free plagiarism checkers online by percentage.

    Plagiarism is considered immoral in academic domains. However, it is also important to seek inspiration from the latest research work and literature sources in the relevant field.

    If you are writing a research article, review paper, or dissertation, it's essential to know if there is any plagiarized content.

    That's where our Plagiarism Detection Tool, which has free plagiarism checker with no word limit, comes to help.

    Our advanced Plagiarism Detecting software will automatically generate a report indicating which block of text is plagiarised so that you can edit and remove the plagiarism.

    We also offer services to replace plagiarised content with original writing. You can submit our plagiarism report to your supervisor to prove the originality of your work.

    Note: Premier Dissertations provide a free plagiarism report with all the completed/submitted orders.

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    How Does it Work?

    Our Plagiarism detection tool is advanced and automatically detects any plagiarism with good precision.

    We utilize the Turnitin tool (free plagiarism checker university model) to check the plagiarism.

    The thesis plagiarism process is fairly simple.

    Submit or upload your document and the plagiarism checking tool will fetch the data, analyse it, generate a report indicating the percentage of copied content as a whole, percentage of plagiarism, and list of sources.

    Note: We are here for your help. We can also provide you with a report with details of plagiarism both at the start and after eliminating plagiarism. You can use our assignment plagiarism checker at any time without having to pay any fee.

    So if you need help with dissertation plagiarism, essay plagiarism, simply let us know so can get started working on your paper.

    We guarantee a 100% plagiarism free work on all our orders.

    Why is it essential to keep your documents plagiarism free?

    Plagiarism is a unacceptable. it is considered as stealing someone's intellectual property.

    It will create copyright infringements, which might result in legal action against the author of the plagiarised document.

    Professors and universities do not tolerate plagiarism and encourage students to submit genuine work.

    Failure to meet the plagiarism guidelines can result in deductions, resubmissions, or definite rejection of the assignment/essay.

    If you are looking for a dissertation plagiarism check, then you can use this service for free for a limited time.

    Plagiarised work is not appreciated primarily because of the following reasons;

    • You will suffer rejections
    • You might suffer deductions
    • Legal action can be taken against you.

    Types of Plagiarism

    There are several types of plagiarism that you can commit without even knowing.

    Writing something that was already registered is a form of accidental plagiarism that one should keenly observe and spot.

    Direct Plagiarism is a form of plagiarism that is most common among students.

    Copying and pasting the same material from the source is the most basic form of intellectual piracy.

    General citation errors can also lead to plagiarism.

    Similarly, if you lack paraphrasing skills, citation skills, and rephrasing knowledge, you can commit plagiarism.

    Self-plagiarism is one of the forms that many of us don't know that it exists.

    People use their previous work without knowing that they are plagiarising.

    Our dissertation plagiarism checker free online service can enable you to check all types of plagiarism in your paper.

    Once you have identified the plagiarism in your paper, you can proceed to address this issue by rewriting the plagiarised content.

    Your goal must be to reduce all the plagiarism from your dissertation, thesis or assignment to less than 20%, and below 2% from a single source.

    Our team is well equipped to handle all these issues efficiently, while our best free plagiarism checker for students service helps pinpoint every bit of copied content.

    Reach out to us (WhatsApp) to get plagiarism-free dissertations, thesis, essays and coursework for the best grades.

    The easiest way to reduce plagiarism in your dissertation

    Once you have gone through the plagiarism checker service and reviewed the plagiarism report, now is the time to reduce plagiarism or even get rid of it completely from your paper.

    The following are some guidelines that can help you get a plagiarism-free dissertation;

    1. Read the highlighted part which shows copied content in the plagiarism report
    2. Find the same section within the editable word file
    3. Remove the entire highlighted sentence from the word file.
    4. Read the highlighted part again from the plagiarism report and try to make sense of the literature until you fully understand it.
    5. Once the concept is understood, write the same concept in your own words
    6. Do not try to use the same sentence structure or copy their words. Just simply write the same concept in your own words
    7. Once you have completed writing, read the sentence or paragraph and try to improve it. You can use the Grammarly tool if you would like to address any grammatical issues
    8. Note the number shown against the highlighted section that you are working on, and find the same reference which is given at the end of your plagiarism report.
    9. You can now use this as a formal academic reference against the sentence or paragraph you have just completed
    10. Repeat the same for all the copied content to reduce plagiarism from your dissertation
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    Plagiarism Checker FAQs

    Most frequent questions and answers

    1How does the Plagiarism Checker works?
    1) Users submit the file they want to check the plagiarism for (the file can also be emailed to us). 2) Our team runs the file on the plagiarism detection software to detect the plagiarism. 3) The plagiarism report is emailed to the user.
    2Do you save my file online or in any software?
    No. The files are not saved in any online data based nor on the plagiarism detection software. The files are never used or shared with any third party.
    3Do I get support to reduce my plagiarism?
    Yes, we can help you in reducing the plagiarism of your work when you place an order with us. Our writers and customer support team will provide all the assistance you need – any day at any time! We will coordinate with you throughout your order completion process.
    4What happens if something goes wrong?
    We provided free unlimited revisions to ensure our clients’ satisfaction. We will refund your order fee in full if there is an issue at our end.
    5How can I contact the writer?
    We will coordinate with you over the emails, and send all your messages, information and requirements to the writer. You will also be able to contact us via phone call, WhatsApp or online chat. However, we will not be able to share the writers’ personal details with you due to our strict data protection SOPs policies. Similarly, we can not share your personal details with the writer (or any third party) for the same reason.
    6What if I don’t like the work done?
    We provide unlimited free revisions, which means the writer will amend the paper until you are fully satisfied with the quality of the draft. And in case the writer is unable to complete any of your order requirements, we will refund your order fee in full.
    7How do I know that you will not share my details with anyone?
    We provide 100% confidential services. We will NEVER pass or share your personal details or the work we have completed for you with anyone. You can also choose to remain anonymous while placing your order with us, which would not a problem. We will, however, need your email address so we can communicate with you and submit the completed order.
    8How do I know if this is a legit and safe company which I can trust?
    We are a UK registered company. All our clients are protected by UK law. You can check our company details with the UK Companies House.
    9Do you offer discounts?
    Yes, we offer discounts to our regular clients. For more details please drop us an email at:
    10Can you gurantee a plagrism-free work?
    Yes. We provide free unlimited amendment services and a money-back guarantee on quality and plagiarism.