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    We are a UK registered company. All our clients are protected by UK law. You can check our company details with the UK Companies House.
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    We provide free 24/7 student support and free dissertation topic services to all students. Our custom writing services are paid. Please review our services to find more about us.

    Top 5 Topics

    Here is the list of our hot favourite dissertation topics.

    Topic 1: Analysing the Impact of Family-Managed Firms on Employment Growth During COVID-19.
    Research Aim: The primary aim of the study is to investigate the relationship between family-managed firms and employment growth using the moderating variables of firm location and economic crises. The study intends to understand how physical location effects manufacturing firms in the UK during the COVID-19 pandemic. The research will be conducted using an empirical approach in which panel dataset of manufacturing firms in the UK. The data will be analysed using partial least squares structured equation modelling. (P.S. Further similar topics can be reviewed from our economics dissertation topics list)
    Topic 2:The Effect of Coronavirus Perceptions on Economic Anxiety in the United Kingdom.
    Research Aim: The primary aim of the study is to analyse the development and determinants of economic anxiety during the start of the coronavirus pandemic. The study attempts to use a global dataset of internet searches and representative surveys from the UK to document and assess economic anxiety. The research will document the dispersion of beliefs about the pandemic risk factors associated with COVID-19. The data will be analysed using inferential statistics and PLS-SEM modelling.
    Topic 3: Examining the Impact of HRM Practices on Employee Engagement on Banking Industry of UK.
    Research Aim:The proposed study will analyse the impact of HRM practices on banking employee engagement while moderating the relationship using gender and marital status. The research will be conducted on frontline employees in the banking industry in the UK, with data collected using a survey. The data analysis technique implemented in the study will be along the lines of PLS-SEM analysis. (P.S. Further similar topics can be reviewed from our HRM dissertation topics list)
    Topics 4: The Effects of Entrepreneurial Passion on Entrepreneurial Behaviour- the Mediating Effect of Self-Efficacy.
    Research Aim: The study aims to analyse the influence of entrepreneurial passion on entrepreneurial behaviours with the mediating effect of self-efficacy. The research will assess this relationship within the masters of business administration students in the UK. The data will be collected using a questionnaire distributed using random sampling to masters of business administration students. The data will be analysed using the structural equation modelling techniques in Smart PLS 3.0.
    Topic 5: An Argument for AI - Using Artificial Intelligence as Structure Method and its Implementation in Project Management.
    Research Aim: The purpose of the proposed paper will examine the use of artificial intelligence in project management. The study will explore the implementation of AI on project management principles and strategies using ‘use case’ studies. The paper will analyse the various factors related to the use of AI technologies allowing to identify domain problems. The paper will use the design-science research paradigm in addition to questionnaires that will be distributed to project managers. The data will be analysed using the same methods in addition to text analysis.